A Wonderful Article on HERD In CHRONICLE of the HORSE / UnTACKED

In our wildest dreams we did not think we would save so many equines in 2017.  It took a lot of  time, money and pasture space that our HERD volunteers have donated.  Thank you all for saving and rehabilitating these lives!  It takes a HERD to make this happen and all of our HERD members,  adoption and foster families have made a huge difference!  I want to make a special thank you to our board members Stuart Evans, Sue Z Truitt and Elaine Freeman whose expertise was so instrumental, as well as Rick Millweard who heads up our dedicated training volunteers like Debra Carton and Karen Mastruserio.  There are just so many people like the Olivers at Edge Brewing Equestrian, Dot Moyer, Ann Swift, Barbara Claussen and many of our neighbors who donate space and time everyday, the list is just so long and all with such big hearts.