Saving one horse at a time.


HERD - A 501C3 non-profit equine rescue group that saves equines from dire conditions and in many cases slaughter.  HERD volunteers have rescued, vetted, fed, trained, and given these equines a second chance at life.  Many horses and donkeys have been adopted by loving new owners.  This is your chance to be part of a much needed resource for saving these beautiful animals! 

We wish to thank those who have donated generously, providing resources, time and funds to help us rescue and care for the horses in HERD.  It is your belief in our work and our shared love of horses that makes this effort so rewarding for us all.  

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Photography by Britt Woodall - Little Bloom Studio

Helping Equines Regain Dignity is GuideStar "Gold" rated:


Please put in the notes what the donation is for, so we can properly place the money to a specific horse to be rescued or just "General Donation" if you wish to help with feed and care for the horses in our adoption program.  Please include your email address.  You will receive a contribution email for your donation once received.

Donations are tax deductible. 

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Some uncomfortable facts: 150,000 U.S.A. horses are slaughtered in Mexico, Japan and Canada to enter the global food chain; 20% are stolen, 96% are under the age of 9, and 92%are healthy animals that could have productive lives. The majority of these horses are being purchased at auctions by kill buyers. Please do not take your horse to auction. To become more informed about the facts surrounding horse slaughter please visit the Animal Welfare Institute.

Helping Equines Regain Dignity is a 501c3 charitable organization.  Our EIN number is: 81-4317379

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