It all began in the Spring of 2016 when Heather & Scott’s farm helper (Charlie) saw a beautiful pinto horse at an auction where he was buying cows for his herd.  Charlie was outraged to see a man buying up horses for meat and hide sales to Mexico.   That kill buyer turned out to be in the area .

Heather started tracking this kill buyer's Facebook page where they promote horses for sale before they are shipped to Mexico.   Horses are weighed for meat value & thus a price to bail or save the horse is established.  Heather saw that pinto and knew it must be saved - and knew nothing else about the horse other than his 16.1 hands, approximate 12 year old and that he could be saddled and walked.

Heather & Scott posted the pinto’s bail for Charlie.  Off the trailer he came, severely underweight, but joyous to roam and trot in the large green pasture.  He was dubbed Superman on the spot.  Superman recovered, received training and found his forever perfect home with a wonderful family down in Florida.

HERD was born.  Fast forward to today, we have saved almost 200 horses in just over a year, either directly through rehab at our operation or through facilitating adoptions via a newly established and growing rescue network of loving, caring and concerned people just like us.


  • Save as many horses as possible from the slaughter pipeline to Mexico and Canada
  • Restore rescued horses to their best possible physical and mental health
  • Carefully evaluate and professionally train each horse to allow them to maximize their potential - to find what they love to do
  • Based on the horse’s capabilities, match every rescue to an appropriate, loving, caring forever home
  • Provide ongoing support and monitoring to horses and owners post placement


  • Horses coming to HERD are housed at facilities and pastures provided by four farms owned by volunteers and members of the HERD rescue team
  • We focus rescue efforts on horses with the greatest chance of full rehabilitation and rehoming
  • Occasionally we can take in babies or extremely debilitated cases knowing they be with us for a longer time
  • Every horse’s progress, treatments and training are carefully tracked in detail
  • Horses in HERD's care receive professional training at least 2 times per week
  • HERD is a 501c3 tax exempt charitable orginization.