Inca in training

Inca is a two year old Buckskin mare.  We were told she is from a breeding facility where they sold off a bunch of youngsters and this pretty mare ended up at a kill pen in Louisiana.  Herd Rescue purchased this youngster and had her shipped to South Carolina.  It took us 20 minutes to get her off the trailer, the above photo is shortly after we were able to unload her.  Scared, tired and dehydrated we put her into a small round pen so we could start socializing her with people.  Inca is terrified of humans.  Apparently, to have her coggins pulled for transportation, they felt it necessary to place a rusty old halter on her with a knot at the poll to force her to comply.  The knot and the rusty cheek attachments rubbed holes just behind her ear and cheeks, the halter was so tight the knot started to embed into the skin.  After two weeks and just before we were going to have her sedated with a dart gun, she finally let me remove the offending halter.  

Today Inca is grazing in a pasture next to other horses.  Every day she improves, but trust is a slow process with this mare.  We work with her two hours a day, every day.  Follow her progress here and on our facebook page!