Dear H.E.R.D., fundraisers and donors; Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done to help us in adopting Parker for my daughter. This is the 5th horse we have adopted from a kill pen and every one of them has been wonderful, simply thrown away through no fault of their own. Parker is the second horse we’ve adopted thru HERD, and the communication and total process was smooth and easy, due to the positive relationships they have built with many of the lots they work with. A special thank you and appreciation to Jennifer B-Demyanovich for her tireless efforts on fundraising, which without, so many horses might not be saved. Thank you to the donors who responded to the call for help. You have saved a life and made a girl’s dream come true! Parker has only been with us a week, but he and my daughter Mikenna have developed a very strong bond! He’s still in the process of gaining weight and recovering from his ordeal of auction/kill pen stress, but he’s getting healthier every day with good feed and supplements to bring him back to full bloom! Once he’s fully recovered, his training will begin in earnest. We are planning on training him in hunter/jumpers and will be doing a lot of trail riding for relaxation and fun! Although he’s young, Parker seems to be a very sensible guy and has been sweet and willing to try anything! When I was about my daughter’s age, I had a horse that turned out to be my once-in-a-lifetime Heart horse. From the way things look between Mikenna and Parker, I truly believe they are on the road to that same kind of partnership, as this horse has already touched her heart in a way that will impact her life forever. Thank you again to all the caring, generous people who selflessly give so much of themselves to save these horses. We appreciate it more than words could ever express. God bless you all.--Michelle Mace